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Betting on Yourself

I think the word entrepreneurship has come to at least connote tech and startups for most people.

I wonder if it is more interesting to think of about betting on yourself.

Under this definition, the following activities are entrepreneurial:

  • Building an app in your spare time

  • Saving your money and buying a Chik-Fil-A franchise

  • Raising capital and building a team to create a moonshot business

  • Playing your original music at a coffee shop

  • Setting up a stand at the farmers' market

  • Putting yourself through college

  • Writing a book or a monologue

  • Bringing up an initiative at work and pushing to lead it

  • Learning the ropes of a family business with an eye toward running it eventually

In all cases, you are betting that your effort, risk, and determination will yield you something--perhaps money, but perhaps something else: satisfaction, relationships, learning.

Anyway, no great insight here, other than that I think encouraging this idea of "betting on oneself" (in the broad sense I've outlined) would be a social good in an enlightened hybrid socialist-capitalist society.

More on this later, but it's worth thinking about what forces prevent us from placing these bets.

Today's goals:

  1. Product work for AltaClaro

  2. Get and send my mom a birthday card

  3. Get my hair did

  4. Non-fiction reading

  5. Indoor workout

  6. Wine and dreams-->goals-->plan session

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