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Write Like You're Running Out of Time

I saw Hamilton (finally) last year, on Disney+. Is it perfect? No. Is it witty, surprising, and rousing? Yes.

There is one line that really stuck with me: "Why do you write like you're running out of time?" I think Aaron Burr sings it first, but it is reprised later by other characters.

I keep thinking of that line, and it is with some...envy. Alexander Hamilton was ridiculously productive. What gave him that energy, that urgency that he was able to harness? Do we all have that within us? Can we balance that effectively with relationships, health, presence (it's not at all clear that Hamilton did).

I'm trying to figure out a strategy for _______ like I'm running out of time. With urgency, not desperation. And with balance. You can't do everything like you're running out of time (I'm thinking of you, meditation). Perhaps an approach similar to HIIT, with repeated sustained intervals of productivity, would work.

But now I've run out of time for this post :)



  • Errands (ugh)

  • Some AltaClaro meetings

  • Research some possible mid-pandemic road trips

  • Product ideation (what does great online learning look like?)

  • Work on one of my books (looks like I have two big ideas and I need to pick one)


Grammarly tells me this post is disapproving and anxious! I was going for thoughtful and probing...

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